[Mono-dev] Sharing build specs between MS VS .net 2005 and mono on Linux

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Fri Sep 15 11:13:27 EDT 2006

fredag 15 september 2006 12:17 skrev Leszek Ciesielski:
> xbuild (mono's msbuild equivalent) is being extended to support vs2005
> files, but the works are progressing slowly. (MSBuild is used
> internally by VS and SD to build projects).

Thanks - I was not aware of xbuild.

> As for now, company I'm working for is using NAnt together with custom
> script that generates VS2005 projects from the NAnt *.build files.
> This is a bit hackish, and NAnt has it's shortcomings (eg. is a bit
> bugged), but it's the best solution we had tested (our project started
> on mono+linux, now it is also developed on mono+windows/ms.net+windows
> by several developers). cmake looks promissing, but as you said, it
> currently lacks certain features.

I noticed, that the newest mono release includes nant 0.85-rc-something, 
whereas no nant is released as part of version

This is quite confusing. What are the directions of the mono project? Is there 
a commitment from Novell (or someone else) on the xbuild project, or should 
we rather look at nant? (Would you care to share you scripts, btw?)

> Optimally, xbuild would support new msbuild format files, and
> switching between mono and ms.net would be a complete no brainer :-)

Yes, this would be ideel. I am not a big MS fan myself, but it seems that 
MSBuild is a sensible system (inspired by nant, apparently). Having a 
compatible crossplatform tool for mono would appear to be a good thing. 
Especially since this would allow the Windows developers to remain in Visual 
Studio all the time, which appears to be a high priority for them...



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