[Mono-dev] Upgrade dependencies for VS build

Jon Chambers joncham at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 10:42:46 EDT 2006

Currently to build mono in VS, one must download a VSDependencies.zip that
contains required dependencies for building mono. This zip contains an older
version of glib, as well as other things. On my machine I've upgraded to the
latest version of glib on windows 2.9.5 and done some work to get things
building with this. So, how could I get this back into the
VSDependencies.zip (I assume we would rather be using this newer version of

It seems like the only thing the user really needs to download is the latest
glib package. The only other thing I think I need from VSDependencies is an
empty unistd.h file, and a sys directory with a time.h and a param.h. The
unistd.h is there rather than #ifdef'ing the source code. I don't think
there is anything special about the included time.h either (I'm wondering if
I could just include the standard windows one)? Maybe we could remove the
dependency for VSDependencies.zip altogether.

Also, I'd like to setup the release target correctly.

Any thoughts?

- Jonathan
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