[Mono-dev] SPAM-LOW: About license systems

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Wed Sep 13 15:32:35 EDT 2006

I find it amusing that the sp extreme folks don't tell you 
what the license for /their/ software is on the web site.

It's LGPL if anyone is curious.


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> Hi,
> I know a question about a license system isn't very common on 
> this list, but I have to try. We need a license system for 
> our server application. We need it to work on Unix/Mono. I 
> have seen several commercial systems, but the ones which look 
> good, at first glance, only run on Windows. I've even found 
> an open system (http://www.spextreme.com/osp/open_license/).
> Anyone has experience on that and could recommend something?
> Thanks,
> pablo 
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