[Mono-dev] Visual Web MonoDeveloper

Dee Ayy dee.ayy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 11:13:38 EDT 2006

Dear List,
I was using Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition and was actually
considering using IIS until I heard that Apache can serve .aspx files
via mod_mono.  Later I found out that I need 2.0 .NET Framework
support which is limited anyway (a concern if trying to use a project
developed by VWD).

I read somewhere (perhaps on mono-project.com) that MonoDevelop can
develop web applications.  So rather than using VWD, I figured I
should use MonoDevelop and be guaranteed 1.1 support.  I downloaded
the VMware image (Mono on SLED 10) and I don't see how to
develop my web application using the widget palette and widget tree (I
used a blank MonoDevelop project and added a Web file).

I did see widgets in a gtk#2.0 project.  Can that be deployed as a web
application to be accessed via browsers?

Can I do visual UI design in MonoDevelop (absolute positioning for a
web form)?  Please advise how?

How does web development on MonoDevelop compare to VWD?

Also, please instruct me how to enable 2.0 .NET support on Ubuntu
Dapper.  I see /usr/lib/xsp/1.0/mod-mono-server.exe running and I
suppose I just need to get the 2.0 server running.


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