[Mono-dev] Static Variables

Patrick Earl patearl at patearl.net
Mon Sep 11 11:29:39 EDT 2006

Seeing the mono_class_static_field_address function, I assumed that there 
might be an initial lookup for the address, even if the value itself was 
assigned directly later on.  Is this not true?  Perhaps even the lookup 
happens in a direct manner in the jit machine? 

I will try and produce a small test case.  It's a sizeable chunk of code, 
but hopefully a small test case will produce the same results. 

I'm happy to insert debugging code if desired on my system as well, though I 
realize that it's not particularly easy to work that way. 


Robert Jordan writes: 

[snip snip snip] 

> These (at least mono_field_static_set_value) are never called by
> JIT code. They are part of the metadata API and are used
> by the runtime code and maybe by System.Reflection.
> The JIT code is accessing the fields directly. 
> About your issue: I was not able to reproduce it, even with
> multiple domains. 
> Please provide (attach it to the bug entry) *exactly* the same
> test case which failed on your machine. 
> Robert

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