[Mono-dev] Building Mono on Linux/Alpha

Sergey Tikhonov tsv at solvo.ru
Tue Sep 12 03:27:04 EDT 2006

Hello Zoltan,

Here is another set of patches for mono on Linux/Alpha.
What is changed:
- Reworked passing of arguments on stack - now it is more close to ABI 
(and same as gcc) and safe from stack allocation leaks
- New argument passing schema would allow to start pass valuetypes in 
registers (as native methods expect)
- Fixed start_handler/endfinally/endfilter - not to modify stack pointer
- Added implemetation of lconv_to_i/u4
- Some opcode implemetation and fixes
- Fixed strtod for Alpha
- Added native opcodes patch missed from previous patchset

With all of that I was able to build mcs compiler and using it build all 
assembles in mcs directory. :)
So, now it could be considered that the mono is supported on Linux/Alpha 
as betta version. :)
Number of failed tests in mono/tests down to 7. Most of the pinvokes 
with complex parameters, vararg and one thread tests.


Sergey Tikhonov

Solvo Ltd.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tsv at solvo.ru

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