[Mono-dev] Message Box running NUnit tests under Mono 1.1.17

Jon Chambers joncham at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 09:34:02 EDT 2006

     I think I understand the problem. The XplatUIWin32 registers a window
class shared by all the SWF windows. RegisterClass can only be called once
for a specific window name per process. XplatUI is a singleton, but that's
per app domain. I'm guessing you're loading MWF into multiple domains within
the same process. If I get a chance today, I'll try and fix it. I guess
we'll need to change the window name per app domain, because you can have
multiple domains existing, and each one needs to register a window class
with it's own callback.

- Jonathan

On 9/10/06, Charlie Poole <charlie at nunit.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Running the NUnit tests under Mono 1.1.17 on Windows XP, a message
> box appears with the caption "Oops" and message
> "Could not register the SWFClass window class, win32 error 0"
> This happens when running the tests of the window gui, either
> under the gui or from the console. In the case of the console,
> this additional message appears in the console output
> "Mono System.Windows.Forms Assembly [$auto_build_revision$]
> In the case of the gui, clicking on Run a second time causes
> the gui to silently exit.
> Any suggestions? Could this be a configuration problem, or
> is it a bug?
> Charlie
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