[Mono-dev] XmlTextWriter throws "WriteWhitespace method accepts only whitespaces."

Martin Mazur m.m at upplopp.se
Thu Sep 7 04:15:25 EDT 2006

Martin Mazur wrote:
> Hi all,
> When attempting to get CC.NET to run on mono 1.1.16 I came across a 
> weird problem with the XmlTextWriter. Whenever it attempts to write xml 
> containing an xml-header it gets the following exception:
> System.ArgumentException: WriteWhitespace method accepts only whitespaces.
>    at System.Xml.XmlTextWriter.WriteWhitespace (System.String text) 
> [0x00000]
>    at System.Xml.XmlWriter.WriteNode (System.Xml.XmlReader reader, 
> Boolean defattr) [0x00000]
>    at System.Xml.XmlWriter.WriteNode (System.Xml.XmlReader reader, 
> Boolean defattr) [0x00000]
> I think I have managed to isolate the error into a unit test (submitted 
> as an attachment). The unit test runs fine on MS.NET but fails on mono 
> 1.1.16.
> Does anyone have any idea about what the problem might be?
> //M

Forgot the attachment.

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