[Mono-dev] Bug System.Web.Services

Vladimir Krasnov vladimirk at mainsoft.com
Thu Sep 7 03:50:46 EDT 2006

Hi Lluis, 

The test case is just simple web service with only one web method with parameter of type char, see attached files.
Deploy this web service and get a WSDL. In the WSDL you will get, simpleType char will be declared twice. 
This occures because two different instances of XmlSchemaExporter are writing to common XmlSchema object.

Vladimir Krasnov

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Well, the patch looks more like a workaround rather than a real fix. Can you provide a test case I can use to see the problem?


El mié, 06-09-2006 a las 09:07 -0700, Vladimir Krasnov escribió:
> Hello Lluis,
> The is a bug in getting wsdl, if web service has a web method with 
> char parameter, it will be declared twice in the wsdl.
> Please look at the attached patch that fixes the problem.

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