[Mono-dev] [patch] System.Web.UI.WebControls/SqlDataSourceView.cs

Andrew Skiba andrews at mainsoft.com
Thu Sep 7 03:50:15 EDT 2006


Please review the attached patch for SqlDataSourceView.ExecuteSelect. A
standalone test aspx is attached as well. It proves that in .Net
ExecuteSelect returns DataView and not DataTableReader. This is
important for implementing paging abilities for GridView. The test also
demonstrates that only the first table is used when there are few tables
in result. I did not run the test on mono, it was written to check what
happens on .Net.

In my fix, I changed the behavior for DataSourceMode == DataSet.
According to MSDN, this mode is used when paging capabilities are
necessary. .Net returns only the first table when the select returns
more than one table, so did I. I did not check what happens when there
are no tables (is that possible?), so I left the behavior untouched.

Thank you.
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