[Mono-dev] [PATCH] [VBNC] Treat AscW as CInt with /novbruntimeref

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 10:06:35 EDT 2006


Thanks for your help. AscW_emit.diff contains a modified version of the 
previous patch.

I tried to implement the replacement at resolving but I was unable to 
succeed. AscW_resolve.diff contains my try.


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> Hello,
> Commenting code inline:
> +        If Info.Compiler.CommandLine.NoVBRuntimeRef AndAlso 
> Info.Compiler.Assembly.IsDefinedHere(Method.DeclaringType) AndAlso 
> Method.IsStatic AndAlso CompareNameOrdinal(Method.Name, "AscW") Then
> +            Dim methodParameters() As ParameterInfo = 
> Method.GetParameters()
> You might want to use Helper.GetParameters(Info.Compiler, Method), since 
> this will fail if a MethodBuilder is passed in instead of a 
> MethodDescriptor.
> +
> +            If methodParameters.Length <> 0 AndAlso 
> Helper.CompareType(methodParameters(0).ParameterType, TypeCache.Char) Then
> To compare types use Helper.CompareType(type1, type2), I have found that 
> comparing type instances at the same time as using Reflection.Emit is very 
> unreliable.
> +                If Arguments.Count <> 0 Then
> This pushes a Char on the stack:
> +                    result = Arguments(0).GenerateCode(Info.Clone(True, 
> False, TypeCache.Char), methodParameters(0)) AndAlso result
> Always put a 'AndAlso result' after assigning to result, this will ensure 
> that a False result value earlier on won't get lost. I know there is no 
> earlier assignment right now to result, but when the code changes it is 
> very easy to forget this.
> +                Else
> +                    Helper.Assert(methodParameters(0).IsOptional)
> This also pushes a Char on the stack:
> +                    Emitter.EmitLoadValue(Info.Clone(TypeCache.Char), 
> methodParameters(0).DefaultValue)
> +                End If
> If you now push an integer on the stack you'll have the char and the 
> integer there. I suggest using this:
> Info.Stack.SwitchHead(TypeCache.Char, TypeCache.Integer)
> +                Info.Stack.Push(TypeCache.Integer)
> +
> +                Return result
> +            End If
> +        End If
> +
>> Hi,
>> I added a hack to EmitArgumentsAndCallOrCallVirt to support the 
>> previously
>> discussed functionality.
>> I don't know how exactly the stack evaluation in vbnc works and I keep
>> getting ...  reached, but stack is not empty.
> The stack evaluation is only for debug purposes and is anyway flawed, so 
> you can safely ignore these warnings if the resulting assembly works.
>> Another missing functionality is that the return value of this replaced 
>> AscW
>> should be treated as Integer regardless of the return type of the 
>> replaced
>> AscW function.
> In order for this to work correctly you would have to insert the hack 
> earlier on in the compiler, probably in the Resolve phase, when during 
> resolution a call to AscW is detected the parse tree is modified to just 
> load the char/integer value on the stack. Error checking would have to be 
> bypassed since it is now allowed in VB to treat a Char value as any other 
> int value (this error isn't reported now anyway though). Having in mind 
> that this is a hack to support a feature of an unsupported commandline 
> option your hack might be just good enough.
>> Kornél
> Rolf
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