[Mono-dev] C# source files in mcs tree are now UTF-8

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 09:56:52 EDT 2006


I commited the patch that converted all C# source files in mcs tree to UTF-8 
(without byte order mark). All C# source files are now compiled using UTF-8 
by default.

Please use UTF-8 in source files because the compiler will decode the files 
using UTF-8. (Note that this does not affect your own source files, only 
applies to the mcs tree.)

Please don't use UTF-8 byte order marks because that may cause the BOM being 
left in the middle of the source file by text editors not dealing with the 

If you experience problems or bugs because of this patch please correct the 
caracters in the appropriate source file to use proper UTF-8 characters 
rather than reverting the entire patch.


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