[Mono-dev] Extended error reporting for libgdiplus/System.Drawing

Jonathan Gilbert 2a5gjx302 at sneakemail.com
Mon Sep 4 18:57:16 EDT 2006

Ever since I started working on libgdiplus and the related System.Drawing
bits, I've always been somewhat unimpressed by the error reporting
capabilities of GDI+. I didn't think it would be too hard to make them a
lot better, even without breaking cross-platform compatibility, but I
didn't have the free time to sit down and work it out until now.

My proposal is two added functions to libgdiplus, along with a new GpStatus

  GpStatus.ExtendedError (1000000): Indicates that the last error which
    occurred has an extended description accessible through
    GdipGetErrorEx ().

  GpStatus GdipSetErrorEx (GpStatus status, char *description): Places
    the specified status code & description into TLS slots allocated
    for the purpose and returns GpStatus.ExtendedError. In the event
    that TLS slots could not be allocated (a non-fatal error during
    GdipStartup ()), GdipSetErrorEx actually simply returns its first
    argument, and the feature is transparently disabled.

  int GdipGetErrorEx (GpStatus *status, char *description): Copies the
    last error set with GdipSetErrorEx into the parameters. Either
    parameter can be NULL. If description is not NULL, then it is
    assumed to be large enough to store the string. The caller
    determines this size by first calling the function with a NULL
    pointer for description; the return value is the necessary number
    of bytes (including null-terminator) for the buffer.
This extended error status code (GpStatus.ExtendedError) is then detected
in the System.Drawing side. Of course, we would break compatibility if we
added an entry for it to the managed enumeration, but it's easy enough to
test for by casting the Status result to an int. If the GDIPlus.CheckStatus
function finds this extended error status value, then it uses the
GdipGetErrorEx function to get the actual error details. When
System.Drawing is running against Microsoft's GDIPLUS.DLL, it will never
get this value (or so we can reasonably assume) and thus it won't ever try
to call GdipGetErrorEx (which won't be exported by GDIPLUS.DLL, of course).

I have attached a pair of patches which implement this functionality,
paving the way for the translation of error return codes in libgdiplus to
have more meaningful descriptions.

  extendederrorreporting.libgdiplus.diff: Apply in "/source/trunk/libgdiplus"
  extendederrorreporting.System.Drawing.diff: Apply in
Thoughts? Comments? If nobody thinks this is a bad idea (and some people
think it is a good idea), I can commit it.


Jonathan Gilbert

I have included the patches inline in the e-mail as well as attaching them
in gzipped form, because my e-mail client
isn't smart enough to properly encode text attachments with LF-only line
endings. Enjoy.

=== extendederrorreporting.libgdiplus.diff ===
Index: general.c
--- general.c	(revision 64773)
+++ general.c	(working copy)
@@ -52,12 +52,21 @@
 extern void cairo_test_xlib_disable_render();
+static pthread_key_t last_error_status_tls_key,
+static BOOL use_extended_error_reporting = TRUE;
 GdiplusStartup(unsigned long *token, const struct startupInput *input,
struct startupOutput *output)
 	/* don't initialize multiple time, e.g. for each appdomain */
 	if (!startup) {
 		startup = TRUE;
+		/* Ensure TLS storage for error information. */
+		if (pthread_key_create(&last_error_status_tls_key, NULL)
+		 || pthread_key_create(&last_error_description_tls_key, free))
+			use_extended_status = FALSE;
 		g_mem_allocations = NULL;
 		initCodecList (); 
 		FcInit ();
@@ -693,3 +702,41 @@
 	cairo_curve_to (graphics->ct, x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3);
+/* New Error-Reporting Functionality */
+GdipSetErrorEx(GpStatus status, char *description)
+	if (!use_extended_error_reporting)
+		return status;
+	free(pthread_getspecific(last_error_description_tls_key));
+	pthread_setspecific(last_error_status_tls_key, (void *)status);
+	pthread_setspecific(last_error_description_tls_key, strdup(description));
+	return ExtendedError;
+GdipGetErrorEx(GpStatus *status, char *description)
+	char *last_error_description;
+	if (status != NULL)
+		*status = (GpStatus)pthread_getspecific(last_error_status_tls_key);
+	last_error_description =
+	if (last_error_description != NULL) {
+		if (description != NULL)
+			strcpy(description, last_error_description);
+		return strlen(last_error_description) + 1;
+	}
+	else {
+		if (description != NULL)
+			description[0] = '\0';
+		return 1; /* Null-terminator only. */
+	}
Index: gdip.h
--- gdip.h	(revision 64773)
+++ gdip.h	(working copy)
@@ -189,7 +189,14 @@
     UnsupportedGdiplusVersion = 17,
     GdiplusNotInitialized = 18,
     PropertyNotFound = 19,
-    PropertyNotSupported = 20
+    PropertyNotSupported = 20,
+    /* New error-reporting mechanism: This value means that the caller
+     * can assume that GdipGetErrorEx () will be present and will
+     * return a meaningful error string along with the correct GpStatus
+     * value for the last operation on the current thread.
+     */
+    ExtendedError = 1000000
 } GpStatus;
 typedef enum  {
@@ -1057,6 +1064,9 @@
 int gdip_from_RGB_to_ARGB (BYTE *src, int width, int height, int stride,
BYTE **dest, int* dest_stride);
 int gdip_from_ARGB_to_RGB (BYTE *src, int width, int height, int stride,
BYTE **dest, int* dest_stride);
+/* Error */
+int GdipGetErrorEx(GpStatus *status, char *description);
 /* Pen */
 void gdip_pen_init (GpPen *pen);
 GpPen *gdip_pen_new (void);

=== extendederrorreporting.System.Drawing.diff ===
Index: System.Drawing/gdipFunctions.cs
--- System.Drawing/gdipFunctions.cs	(revision 64908)
+++ System.Drawing/gdipFunctions.cs	(working copy)
@@ -161,9 +161,38 @@
 			return dest;			
+		// Extended error reporting
+		[DllImport("gdiplus")]
+		static extern int GdipGetErrorEx (out Status status, StringBuilder
+		[DllImport("gdiplus")]
+		static extern int GdipGetErrorEx (IntPtr status_ptr, StringBuilder
+		static private string coalesce (string t1, string t2)
+		{
+			return (t1 != null) ? t1 : t2;
+		}
 		// Converts a status into exception
 		static internal void CheckStatus (Status status)
+			string error_text = null;
+			if (status == (Status)1000000) { /* GpStatus.ExtendedError */
+				int text_length = GdipGetErrorEx (out status, null);
+				StringBuilder text_buffer = new StringBuilder ();
+				text_buffer.Length = text_length;
+				GdipGetErrorEx (IntPtr.Zero, text_buffer);
+				for (text_length = 0; text_length < text_buffer.Length; text_length++)
+					if (text_buffer[text_length] == '\0')
+						break;
+				error_text = text_buffer.ToString(0, text_length);
+			}
 			switch (status) {
 				case Status.Ok:
@@ -172,43 +201,43 @@
 				// TODO: Add more status code mappings here
 				case Status.GenericError:
-					throw new Exception ("Generic Error.");
+					throw new Exception (coalesce (error_text, "Generic Error."));
 				case Status.InvalidParameter:
-					throw new ArgumentException ("Invalid Parameter. A null reference or
invalid value was found.");
+					throw new ArgumentException (coalesce (error_text, "Invalid
Parameter. A null reference or invalid value was found."));
 				case Status.OutOfMemory:
-					throw new OutOfMemoryException ("Out of memory.");
+					throw new OutOfMemoryException (coalesce (error_text, "Out of
 				case Status.ObjectBusy:
-					throw new MemberAccessException ("Object busy.");
+					throw new MemberAccessException (coalesce (error_text, "Object busy."));
 				case Status.InsufficientBuffer:
-					throw new IO.InternalBufferOverflowException ("Insufficient buffer.");
+					throw new IO.InternalBufferOverflowException (coalesce (error_text,
"Insufficient buffer."));
 				case Status.PropertyNotSupported:
-					throw new NotSupportedException ("Property not supported.");
+					throw new NotSupportedException (coalesce (error_text, "Property not
 				case Status.FileNotFound:
-					throw new IO.FileNotFoundException ("File not found.");
+					throw new IO.FileNotFoundException (coalesce (error_text, "File not
 				case Status.AccessDenied:
-					throw new UnauthorizedAccessException ("Access denied.");
+					throw new UnauthorizedAccessException (coalesce (error_text, "Access
 				case Status.UnknownImageFormat:
-					throw new NotSupportedException ("Either image format is unknown or
you don't have the required libraries for this format.");
+					throw new NotSupportedException (coalesce (error_text, "Either image
format is unknown or you don't have the required libraries for this
 				case Status.NotImplemented:
-					throw new NotImplementedException ("Feature not implemented.");
+					throw new NotImplementedException (coalesce (error_text, "Feature not
 				case Status.WrongState:
-					throw new ArgumentException ("Properties not set properly.");
+					throw new ArgumentException (coalesce (error_text, "Properties not
set properly."));
 				case Status.FontFamilyNotFound:
-					throw new ArgumentException ("FontFamily wasn't found.");
+					throw new ArgumentException (coalesce (error_text, "FontFamily wasn't
-					throw new Exception ("Unknown Error.");
+					throw new Exception (coalesce (error_text, "Unknown Error."));
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