[Mono-dev] How to make new locales for CultureInfo?

John Hatton hattonlists at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 09:59:38 EDT 2006


>  Hmm, what I cannot understand is that while you say that few of those
>  languages you need are in ICU but you are still saying you will use
>  ICU.

We don't need a language to be known to or distributed by ICU. We can use
the ICU library, for example, by feeding it custom collation rules and then
asking it for sortkeys.  We've done this in a previous project that was C++.
For this one, we'll make some kind of ICU-Sharp wrapper.
>  Also note that CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder never helps custom
>  string collation. That framework is only for number and date
>  formatting.

Ok. I was thinking that 
1) CultureInfo does string comparison,then 
2)since CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder can make a CultureInfo out of an LDML,
3) LDML defines custom collations, and
4) the resulting CultureInfo would use the custom collation rules in the

It sounds like you're saying Microsoft's ldml reader ignores the
<collations> element of ldml? Oh well, that's too bad.

Thanks again for the information.

John Hatton

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