[Mono-dev] VBNC uses too much CPU and RAM on Mono

Ben Maurer bmaurer at ximian.com
Tue Oct 31 13:51:06 EST 2006

> On 10/31/06 Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> > > Any help on speeding up vbnc is welcome.
>> Ben got the impression that VBNC was keeping a linked list of all the
>> tokens after the tokenization phase (which is brutal on the GC as it
>> becomes a large link-list walk).
> While that is clearly a very inefficient way to do things, we can't say
> it is the issue that is making vbnc unusable especially in mono.
> First, it depends if the tokens are kept for the whole source or just
> one file at a time: in the latter case it should not be so bad, since
> the vbnc compiler is spread over hundreds of tiny files, so the actual
> memory usage should be limited. Besides a non-moving GC can be faster at
> handling such long lists than a moving one (one of my long-linked-list
> stress

It seems that the linked list for *all* files was kept for the *entire*
duration of the gc, from my profiling on windows. Rolf, can you confirm

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