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William Lahti xfurious at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 02:04:32 EST 2006

Aww, I let the thread go for a bit and it's packed!

I have expressed support for the managed kernel idea because I am
already in the process of building a managed operating system. I call
it Jeto. Currently it consists of...
- A GNU/Linux distribution with a new filesystem layout
- A foundation library (written in C#) called Emotion which covers
advanced URI-based IO, filesystem layout abstraction, localization,
graphics, user interface, media recording/playback, hardware access,
scalar values (values with units) and the conversion between those
units, application support, IPC, and more.
- A C# boot system called Shoe
- A set of Core utilities written in C# to manage the OS
- A set of BuildTools to build packages for the OS
- SharedCache, a package management system that uses the filesystem to
track installed packages. Again, all written in C# using Emotion.
- Regen, a cutting-edge network package retriever which can scan FTP
directories for source tarballs, download the source and build it
automatically, as well as download binary packages

Emotion is the best part. It is very plugin-based, and complex tasks
are handed off to them. For instance, the audio/video stuff is handed
off to a plugin.

Emotion uses Cairo for it's graphics system, HAL for hardware
discovery, and D-BUS for IPC, but only Cairo is currently a hard

Perhaps this code might be of use in this project? I am planning on
publishing it soon anyway.

On 10/30/06, Brian Crowell <mono-devel at fluggo.com> wrote:
> Johann MacDonagh wrote:
> > SF doesn't offer a Wiki do they? For the initial brainstorming of this
> > project, a wiki would work great.
> If I'm reading the Sourceforge docs right, you should be able to install a PHP-based wiki (such as MediaWiki) without too much trouble:
>  http://sourceforge.net/docs/E07/en/#top
> SourceForge apparently offers both mailing lists and forums. You know, I've never actually used SourceForge, other than the hundreds of files I've downloaded from them. I didn't know they had a donation system, either :P
> --Brian
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