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Johann MacDonagh johann at macdonaghs.com
Mon Oct 30 22:50:48 EST 2006

I did a little research and it looks like it is possible to install
MediaWiki, although it can be painful at times.

Anyway, Michael Schurter contacted me and said that he has some space on his
hosting account. He is going to register www.sharpos.org and set up
MediaWiki. We can better communicate there.

I've never used SF either, but I know they're getting more picky with their
project selections. Since this project might end up being all brainstorming
and no code, it might be better to start on our own host.

I'll keep everyone updated once we have a functioning website.

Johann MacDonagh

On 10/30/06, Brian Crowell <brian at fluggo.com> wrote:
> Johann MacDonagh wrote:
> > SF doesn't offer a Wiki do they? For the initial brainstorming of this
> > project, a wiki would work great.
> If I'm reading the Sourceforge docs right, you should be able to install a
> PHP-based wiki (such as MediaWiki) without too much trouble:
> http://sourceforge.net/docs/E07/en/#top
> SourceForge apparently offers both mailing lists and forums. You know,
> I've never actually used SourceForge, other than the hundreds of files I've
> downloaded from them. I didn't know they had a donation system, either :P
> --Brian
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