[Mono-dev] Compiling Mono on 64 bit ppc SLES 9

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Mon Oct 30 11:50:28 EST 2006

On 10/26/06 Krishna Ganugapati wrote:
> I'm trying to compile Mono on 64 bit ppc SLES9 - I can build glib2,
> libgdiplus, but when I configure mono, I get the following error
> checking if inter-process shared handles are requested... yes
> configure: error: No JIT or interpreter support available or selected.
> Is mono not supported on 64 bit ppc SLES9?  The mono website only talks
> about linux ppc (presumably that means only 32 bit)

We currently only support 32 bit ppc.
It should not be hard to add support for 64 bit arch if somebody has
the hardware and some spare time. You may want to contact
mono at novell.com to see if there are other options, like funding the port


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