[Mono-dev] Mono 1.2 release and the SVN tree.

Martin Möllenbeck martin at moellenbecks.de
Sun Oct 29 04:00:05 EST 2006


hope the bug will be fixed in the release:

I have a ipy script that works fine on win32 with ms.net but doesn't  
work with mono on win32 and macosx.


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Am 27.10.2006 um 22:36 schrieb Miguel de Icaza:

> Hello,
>     The tree will be tagged on Tuesday October 31st, as usual, we will
> continue bug fixing in the trunk release, and we will issue the 1.2.1
> and 1.2.2 releases from it as well (due roughly every month or so).
>     Around release 1.2.2, we will actually do the branch, as that  
> is the
> branch that we will have to maintain for SUSE internally.
>     We will continue to keep the "trunk" stable, so new development  
> will
> continue to be developed in a way that does not destabilize the tree,
> and when the various components are ready (like gmcs on its day, or  
> the
> currently linear-ir branch) the code will "land" on the trunk.
> Miguel.
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