[Mono-dev] Integrating with MD

pablosantosluac pablosantosluac at terra.es
Sat Oct 28 19:46:47 EDT 2006


We would like to highlight one issue about SCM integration: please take into 
account that the available operations will depend on the specific version 
control system. I mean, on CVS/Subversion will be enough with a check out / 
submit cycle, but on many others (ours included) you actually perform an 
update / check out / check in, where check out is just "unprotecting" one 
item, and update is checking that what you have is what you should depending 
on your workspace load rules.

Why I'm telling this? Because if you look into Eclipse, the version control 
(Team) base is very focused on CVS / Subversion, so many other plugins don't 
actually stick to the API because they don't fit in.



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>> Hi all,
>> We would like to integrate our SCM tool with MonoDevelop. Can you give us
>> any pointer to start with?
> BTW, I'm working right now in improving the Version Control add-in in
> MonoDevelop, to be able to provide proper support for SVN and CVS, so
> maybe you should wait until I finish this work (maybe end of next week).
> Lluis.

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