[Mono-dev] What about renaming corlib to mscorlib and MWF to SWF?

Chris Toshok toshok at ximian.com
Fri Oct 27 14:40:23 EDT 2006

I don't think the Managed.Windows.Forms name is all that bad, it's just
a source level thing and doesn't affect consumers of packages or dll's.
And it's also easier on the MWF developers for a couple of reasons:
We've been typing it for a long time now, and Manag<tab> completes a lot
easier than Syst<tab> :)


On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 20:31 +0200, Kornél Pál wrote:
> Hi,
> I think that we use the name corlib instead of mscorlib because MS stands 
> for Microsoft and we want to avoid using that name. But note that ECMA specs 
> use the name mscorlib.
> The name Managed.Windows.Forms is used because there was and old, Winw based 
> System.Windows.Forms implementation and the current on should have a 
> different name back then.
> All other Class Library assemblies have a directory with the same name as 
> the assembly.
> I think that we should rename these two directories to match the assembly 
> name before Mono 1.2 is released.
> Kornél 
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