[Mono-dev] FirebirdClient 2.0 and mono

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 10:20:46 EDT 2006

What NotImplementedExceptions are you getting?

I love to see a v2.0 of the .net firebird provider. 
Of course, that's up to Miguel.

Just an idea, maybe we could have the firebird 1.7
provider only build with the NET_1_1 profile and have
the new firebird 2.0 build with the NET_2_0 profile

--- Carlos Guzmán Álvarez <carlosga05 at gmail.com>

> Hello:
> The v2.0 sources of the ado.net provider of Firebird
> are building now
> just fine on mono 1.1.18 :)
> The nunit test suite runs fine except for the
> DataAdapter tests, looks
> like there are someting non implemented yet in the
> DbDataAdapter
> class, but the results was pretty good as that were
> the only tests
> that were failing :) ( i have executed the nunit
> test suite of the
> provider on windows )
> Is there interest on having that sources on the mono
> svn ?? they work
> only with .net 2.0 and the equivalent mono version
> and there are heavy
> changes on namespaces and directory structure
> organization compared
> with the 1.7 sources ( that are the ones currently
> in mono svn )

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