[Mono-dev] Question about bug reporting

Chris Toshok toshok at ximian.com
Thu Oct 19 10:53:44 EDT 2006

We know about many bugs, but given the limited resources we have for
testing all possible programs, we also know there are a fair number we
haven't found yet.

If you know of a problem, please file a bug about it.  It's probably
easier to just attach the testcase (if it's not in svn) and provide a
description of the problem.  If the bug is not reproducible, a movie
might make sense, but for 90% of the cases it's probably more work than
is necessary.


On Tue, 2006-10-17 at 15:15 +0300, sasha wrote:
> I want to see mono stable, so i want to write good bug reports. My main 
> interest is SWF.
> My question is next: does mono developers know about bugs in SWF and 
> simply didn't fix them yet, or thay don't know about bugs and need bug 
> reports?
> I asked this question because for me defects are obvious. But if you 
> need bug reports than i want to know if i movies captured from screen 
> fit as bug reports? For example today i found nice program Wink wich 
> make flash movies from desktop.
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