[Mono-dev] [PATCH 3/3] Add structure copying functions to Mono.Posix.dll

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor at vt.edu
Wed Oct 18 08:23:53 EDT 2006

Attached is a patch to add TryCopy() methods to
Mono.Unix.Native.NativeConvert to translate structures between their
native and managed representations, e.g. convert a Mono.Unix.Native.Stat
into a `struct stat' and back.

This would be useful for libraries like Mono.Fuse.dll which need to
interact with both the native and managed structure representations.
(Mono.Fuse WILL NOT require these additions, so that it can continue to
run on Mono 1.1.13).

It relies upon create-native-map, sent as the first patch.

Permission to commit?

 - Jon

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