[Mono-dev] Fwd: Tests for System.Data.OracleClient

Konstantin Triger kostat at mainsoft.com
Tue Oct 17 06:19:40 EDT 2006

Hello Leszek,

The tests under jvm folder fully pass in java and .Net (except those which were marked as not working up to revision 66739). So the failures are bugs in the OracleClient implementation.

Please either revert the commit marking additional tests as 'NotWorking' or make it conditional, i.e:

Please be very careful in excluding tests from the testsuite since they are part of our harness. Contact me if you have any additional questions. 

Konstantin Triger

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On 9/25/06, Boris Kirzner <borisk at mainsoft.com> wrote:
> Hello Leszek
> The tests are regular NUnit test suite, so you should not have any
> problem running it just by adding the files to test sources file.
> Boris
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> Subject: Tests for System.Data.OracleClient
> Hi,
> it seems to me you have maintained the jvm tests for quite a long
> time. Would it be possible to rewrite the way they are launched and
> incorporate them into main mcs testing path?
> Leszek Ciesielski

Hi Mono,

I have incorporated the tests from System.Data.Oracle.jvm into testing
of 'regular' OracleClient. There are hiccups, however: some tests
fail, some timeout while finalizing the tests domain, and some
segfault. I've marked those that time out or end with a segfault as
NotWorking, so they are not run. What should I do with those that
fail? For now, they are executed.

Boris: many (almost 50% , when counting the segfaulting and timeouting
ones) of test fail. Was this expected? Or maybe this is fault of them
being meant for jvm, or I messed something up?

What bothers me the most is that some of the segfaults are
nondeterministic - they seem to depend on the order the test are run,
or some other random factor...

Question to the list: should/can I commit this addition?

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