[Mono-dev] [Mono-list] Web Services using Mono ?

Michael Schurter michael at synthesyssolutions.com
Sun Oct 15 14:49:43 EDT 2006

Andreas Färber wrote:
> Am 14.10.2006 um 11:23 schrieb Sébastien Mosser:
>> I find Mono, and mod_mono for Apache2 on the internet. Sounds Great.
>> Really. I wrote little console applications,  my first ASP.Net page
>> (using XSP to begin), ...
>> but I don't find any tutorial about : "How to create a Web Service
>> using Mono". I think there is some difference between a web service
>> and an ASP.Net page (asmx instead of aspx, or even bin/*.pdb instead
>> of bin/*.dll).
>> So, have you got any url ??
> Basically this will be the same as on Windows+IIS, so you could check  
> out the documentation on msdn.microsoft.com if you don't find  
> anything Mono-specific!

I can vouch for this.  At work we wrote a web service in VS 2003 
(ASP.NET 1.1) and it runs flawlessly using Mono on Linux.  It was a 
pretty simple web service: 1 .asmx file with a few supporting .cs files.

Any book, tutorial, etc. on web services in .NET 1.1 should work 
identically using Mono and Linux.

> Andreas
> P.S. I don't think it's .pdb instead of .dll - aren't .pdb files  
> debug symbols on Windows?

 From Microsoft:

The .PDB extension stands for "program database." It holds the new 
format for storing debugging information that was introduced in Visual 
C++ version 1.0. In the future, the .PDB file will also hold other 
project state information. One of the most important motivations for the 
change in format was to allow incremental linking of debug versions of 
programs, a change first introduced in Visual C++ version 2.0.

Michael Schurter

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