[Mono-dev] Replacing/Removing I18N

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Oct 12 09:40:34 EDT 2006

On 10/11/06 Andreas Nahr wrote:
> Well this was my first thought also to do it this way. However 
> internal-calls reduce the maintainability of the code, because you have to 
> manually ensure it stays in synch and it makes using corelib much harder for 
> other projects. So I tried to search for another way to archieve the same 
> goal and my proposal could be the solution (Again: If I'm somewhere making 
> wrong assumptions, please correct me).

Yes, your assumptions are wrong. An icall is no more a maintainability
problem than any other method. And once some other project will use our
corlib, they will have implemented much more complex icalls already or
they could change that one line in their copy and use the less efficient
way in their project (if and when they will exist).

> It seems I couldn't make clear enough how this should work, so here is a 
> simplified pseudocode example about how I imagine this would work:

Since we implemented similar mechanisms in corlib already for a few
years, you can assume I know what I'm talking about without being

> Moreover it has the advantage that you could remove resources from the file 
> in a much simpler than removing code in the c source files...

You failed to read my mail where I explain that my icall solution allows
adding/removing support for encodings by simply adding/removing data
files in $prefix/lib/mono/encodings/. The option to include the data
inside the binary must be always there to support mkbundle or some embedded


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