[Mono-dev] Compatible dll's

Brian Crowell mono-devel at fluggo.com
Wed Oct 11 11:07:24 EDT 2006

Joachim Ante wrote:
> Is there any way to verify if two dll's are compatible?

The "official" way is to ensure that the DLL has the same name, major version, 
and minor version as the original; but of course, that's not what you're looking 

> So i want to check if all classes, functions & all their parameters still
> exist and are identitical to what we had when mcs compiled against the dll
> last time.

Looks like you'll just have to reflect the two assemblies type by type, method 
by method, and parameter by parameter, taking care to only check the public and 
protected members.

The trickier part is whether you'll treat various attributes as breaking changes.


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