[Mono-dev] Replacing/Removing I18N

Andreas Nahr ClassDevelopment at A-SoftTech.com
Tue Oct 10 19:21:14 EDT 2006


> Hello,
>> * Creating the binary data should be simple when generating from a .Net 
>> VM.
>> Would it be allowed to gernerate directly from MS.Net? From Portable.Net?
>> (obviously from Mono is no problem, but would not allow to ADD data)
> I did not understand this question at all.

Well the question is: Is it allowed to "extract" Data from .Net if it can be 
extracted using a normal application (I attached an application that might 
be suited for the task)

>> * Size of a memmaped page?
> 4k or 8k, depending on the platform.

This would be a perfect size.

>> * Growth in *file*size for corelib acceptable? Altogether probably 5-10MB
> Do we really need to grow corlib?   What do you have in mind?
> Couldnt we just use static data, and access that as a resource?  (Mono
> uses mmap for resources in the file)

Do you mean something like: private static readonly byte[]...?
This seems to come with some overhead for me. Also it doesn't seem to 
produce shareable memory between processes.
So the idea was (see original mail) to embed the datatables as resources 
into the corelib assembly.

> Am not sure how much code vs tables lives in the I18N libraries, do you
> have details?

Currently the I18N assemblies are about 1MB IL-compiled in size. About 98% 
is IL-Code, 1-2% is static data.
With the suggested implementation we would have (for single byte encodings) 
basically 0% IL and 100% resource-data.
My MS.Net has 145 encodings, mono currently has 95 total.
Each (single-byte (approx. 95 in MS.Net)) encoding would have about 65kb of 
tables (the idea is to create one resource per encoding)

>> * Other sideeffects possible?
>> Greetings
>> Andreas
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