[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Correction to the r65131 inSystem.Web.UI.WebControls/ObjectDataSourceView.cs

Konstantin Triger kostat at mainsoft.com
Mon Oct 9 03:34:02 EDT 2006

That's by documentation, quoting the msdn (ObjectDataSource.TypeName Property):

To create an instance of the object that the ObjectDataSource control binds to, the control uses reflection to load the type that is identified by the type name at run time. Therefore, the value of the TypeName property can be a partially qualified type for code that is located in the Bin or App_Code directories or a fully qualified type name for code that is registered in the global assembly cache. If you use the global assembly cache, you must add the appropriate reference to the assemblies section of the Machine.config or Web.config file.

Konstantin Triger

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On Sun, 2006-10-08 at 06:58 -0700, Konstantin Triger wrote:
> Hello all,

> The r65131 changed the implementation to iterate over the currently
> loaded assemblies and try to load the type from there. This operation
> is relatively heavy and especially very untrivial for Java profile.

> The attached patch uses Type.GetType() for the same purpose, which
> should be equal.
> Please approve commit.

Type.GetType will work fine *if* the type if fully qualified. If not, it
will just search in the executing assembly and corlib.


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