[Mono-dev] nant console output doubled since corlib update

Michael Schurter michael at synthesyssolutions.com
Thu Oct 5 16:50:57 EDT 2006

Well today I tried something clever and paid the price.  I needed access 
to the Decimal.TryParse() method which is only in SVN trunk, but I 
wanted to leave my Mono-related Debian packages in tact.

So I built mono/mcs from scratch, installed to a folder in my home 
directory, and manually copied both the 1.0 and 2.0 mscorlib.dll 
assemblies to /usr/lib/mono/<version>/.

Now all of the console output from nant 0.85rc4 is doubled (prints 
twice).  A simple HelloWorld program's output works as expected, so it 
might be a problem with nant.

However, nant worked perfectly with the version of mscorlib.dll.

To make matters worse it also messes up my terminal (both PuTTY and 
gnome-terminal) so that key presses are not echoed locally.

Very strange stuff.

Michael Schurter
Synthesys Solutions

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