[Mono-dev] Jit and C# Compiler

Khaled A. K. Mohammed khaled.mohammed at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 02:43:48 EDT 2006


I am doing a course on compiler. I am planning to choose a project based
on .NET Framework/Mono. 

I am briefly describing the project below. 
The project will aim to improve the execution of CIL image on multicore
processors. First step is to change the C# compiler to insert custom
instructions into the managed binary (just like how the line #s are
stored). These instructions will be parsed by JIT to pick valuable
information about instruction dependency and will be able to make smart
decisions. Yes, the size of binaries will grow. We will work for a
optimal solutions - may be by having a percentage size threshold.  

This is a research/school project to prove a concept. 

Lots of comments/suggestions are welcomed.


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