[Mono-dev] Patch to StructureReader.cs

Eyal Alaluf eyala at mainsoft.com
Wed Oct 4 12:21:28 EDT 2006

Hi, JB.

In StructureReader.cs under the rare case when the assembly contains more then
1 module the module that is read should also be visited by the StructureReader
otherwise we get exceptions.
The DLL that showed this was either System.EnterpriseServices.dll or one
of the DLLs it uses.
Please let me know if you have any comments before I commit.

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Index: Mono.Cecil/StructureReader.cs


--- Mono.Cecil/StructureReader.cs	(revision 66216)

+++ Mono.Cecil/StructureReader.cs	(working copy)

@@ -232,6 +232,7 @@

 							modext.Mvid = module.Image.MetadataRoot.Streams.GuidHeap [mr.Mvid];
 							modules.Add (modext);
+							modext.Accept(this);
 						} catch (ReflectionException) {
 						} catch (Exception e) {

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