[Mono-dev] Suggestion: Mono.Collection really useful

Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists at theroughnecks.com
Mon Oct 2 03:42:27 EDT 2006

Hello Francisco,

I think you may be more interested in the mono-list (for those using mono/C#), 
as this is the mono-devel-list for internal development of the mono 

First, regarding compatibility, C# and the .Net CLI are ECMA and ISO standards 
at this point, so it is important to maintain that as a base/minimum level. 
Beyond this, the most widely used implementation is Microsoft's, which does 
include segments other than what was submitted to ECMA and ISO.  Some of these 
extensions are more important than others to the mono framework (ex: ASP.Net 

There are some things you may or may not agree with inside the core system, 
but the fact is, compatibility is pretty important as .Net (MS, Mono, dot-gnu 
etc) lends itself to cross-platform development.  Though most of what will be 
developed in mono will probably center around Linux development.  Many (myself 
included) would like to see more projects work across varied platforms without 
issue, or at least with less issue.

Even though .Net started as a Microsoft "standard," we should at least respect 
the core of the standard... MS has a history of breaking accepted standards, I 
don't think it would benefit mono to follow that path.

Moreover, if there is more there than you need, so be it, better than there 
being less than you need.  I find it very handy that most collections can be 
used like arrays in code (foreach is my friend).  I've used this for 
strings/chars quite a bit.  It tends to keep the app-level code a bit cleaner, 
and easier to understand, even if it doesn't fit the separation in your mind.

Francisco Modesto wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I'm new with Mono and C#. I come from java world. I think you are doing a 
great job, congratulations! I've to admit that mono (C#) language are more 
powerful than java. Events is one thing I miss in high level languages.
 > I did'n understand some things. Why the effort for be 100% compatible with 
Microsoft, if they did'nt want to be compatibles with nothing???
 > Specially with assemblies. I think there is many good things in Java than 
C#. Why re-code the wheel? C# assemblies are all but friendly and are designer 
by #!$#@#. I know it's not your fault.
 > Someone can explain why System.Collection.IList has Item[]???? A list is 
not an array!!!! Maybe ToArray() method that returns an array?
 > I miss a lot of classes, specially Collections class. List, Map, Set... I 
think the main power of Java is that you as programmer only have to worrier 
about your own problem, not implementing a lot of common stuff code.
 > I'm not sure if I'm in the right mail-list, sorry if I'm wrong.

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