[Mono-dev] Using MoMA on mono

Leszek Ciesielski skolima at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 17:39:02 EST 2006


I've just tried to abuse MoMA a bit by running it on mono on linux. I
wanted to check how much FxCop would be broken :-)

First impression - MoMA looked... strange. Thats purely cosmetic :-)

Second - MoMA has a wierd way of handling the file chooser. It
attempted to load ".wine" directory as a file, instead of browsing
into it. It did not show most of the assemblies shipped with FxCop -
the only two shown had no dots in their name (only the dot between the
name and extension), extension written in lower case and had a
matching .config file.

Am I doing anything wrong, or wasn't MoMA tested on linux? I realize
that it is meant for porting apps from windows, but shouldn't it
itself be portable? :P

And I see (and intend to excercise) a real life scenario with using
MoMA on linux - testing whether my c# / mono app is safe from lurking
faults. It is nicer to catch them with such a tool rather than wait
for them to surface.



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