[Mono-dev] Windows Shell

Steve K grokys at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 29 11:53:11 EST 2006

Yes, I agree with your assesment.

As for duplicating the Windows Shell API, it would need to be abstracted
quite significantly, as it is the single worst API I have used, and very
much tied to the win32 implementation.

How does one go about getting the Moma results?

My opinion, but what I think we need to achieve, and how to get there is
> roughly:
> - Get the Moma results of P/Invoke calls, sorted by call frequency.

- For each one:
>    - Try to figure out why it's being called (what the user is trying to
> accomplish, which is not always easy or possible)
>    - Determine if there is something already in the managed API that we
> should be pointing users to.
>    - If not, design a .Net style function that accomplishes what the
> user is trying to do (which may or may not look like the Win32 API call)
>    - *!!* Document on the wiki every API call we examine, and what the
> suggested replacement is.
> Another route is to simply duplicate the exact Win32 API syntax and try
> to make it perform the same on *nix.  This route would probably be
> easier for porters, at the expense of new users who would prefer to
> accomplish the task without learning Win32 API.  (IMO, a large, large
> percentage of .Net developers have no desire to touch Win32, think VB.)
> Most likely, it would be a mix of both.  SendMessage would be a pretty
> straight call, whereas GetIconFromFile could be made easier to use.
> Place all the results in a .dll called Mono.Compatibility or
> Mono.Platform or something.  Position it as both a library to help
> people porting to Mono, as well as an abstraction layer to make the
> Win32 easier for .Net people.
> Jon
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