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Steve K grokys at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 29 10:24:43 EST 2006

Hello Khaled,

I do not quite understand you -- MS PowerShell is a scripting language as
far as I can tell. My code is concerned with exposing the Windows Shell
Namespace to .NET applications, the Windows Shell Namespace being the
hierarchy of files, folders and Virtual Folders as used by Windows Explorer.

Miguel expressed a desire to be able to access this stuff from Mono in order
to be able to for example retrieve the icon for a file portably.


On 11/29/06, Khaled Mohammed <khaled.mohammed at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/29/06, Steve K <grokys at googlemail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> Hi Steve,
> Miguel's latest blog post details a list of areas in which Mono could be
> > improved in terms of Windows integration. One of the areas is that of the
> > Windows Shell. I have myself been working on an abstraction of the Windows
> > Shell for the past few weeks and wondered if I could be of help to the Mono
> > project here. My abstraction is purely Windows-only at the moment, I was
> > more interested in exposing the functionality of the Shell to .Net than of
> > making a cross-platform library.
> I have been playing with MS PowerShell since the final release and is also
> working on a clone implementation for Linux and SharpOS (once it is ready).
> So far, I have a shell which can only invoke binaries (given the absolute
> path). My goal is to have a basic shell working before adding PowerShell
> related features.
> I have attached a couple of files to this post, these are part of a work
> > in progress and will not be of much (if any) use as they are, but I attach
> > them to try to give a flavour of my work. Also, apologies for the .zip file,
> > I don't have access to a *nix machine at present.
> >
> > I would be interested in working with someone who is more familiar with
> > the *nix world in massaging the API into a more cross-platform shape.
> We can import the source code to mono svn as long as Miguel permits that.
> All the best,
> > Steve
> >
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