[Mono-dev] Windows Shell

Steve K grokys at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 29 04:03:21 EST 2006


Miguel's latest blog post details a list of areas in which Mono could be
improved in terms of Windows integration. One of the areas is that of the
Windows Shell. I have myself been working on an abstraction of the Windows
Shell for the past few weeks and wondered if I could be of help to the Mono
project here. My abstraction is purely Windows-only at the moment, I was
more interested in exposing the functionality of the Shell to .Net than of
making a cross-platform library.

I have attached a couple of files to this post, these are part of a work in
progress and will not be of much (if any) use as they are, but I attach them
to try to give a flavour of my work. Also, apologies for the .zip file, I
don't have access to a *nix machine at present.

I would be interested in working with someone who is more familiar with the
*nix world in massaging the API into a more cross-platform shape.

All the best,
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