[Mono-dev] Running under the Mono 2.0 Profile

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Tue Nov 28 14:55:41 EST 2006

Hello Mirco, 

Thanks for your suggestions...

> For compatibility someone could implement that environment 
> setting for Mono, but in the meantime you could just generate 
> that app config file when you push the "Run under Mono 2.0 
> Profile" button on the fly, or is that too absurd? :-P

I've thought of doing that but it creates problems. Most notably,
the last config created would be used the next time somebody
ran nunit from the command line. That could be surprising -
or maybe it's a feature. :-)
> Actually, it's not the test-case that decides if it wants 2.0 
> profile or not, it's the application that loads the 
> test-case, nunit in this case.
> So all you need is 2 nunit exe files, one that is linked 
> against 1.0 and one against 2.0, or use the app config trick 
> and use 1.0 exe files instead.

Yes, that's correct. I've considered having two exe's. In fact,
I have two entire installs for NUnit 2.2. I was trying to
move to a simpler deployment. Only having the exe's is
an option, but it seems like a kluge.

> Or is the problem that you can't start a new nunit process 
> for running the test-case? Then this solution would not work.

No - that's a future thing, but not what I'm doing here.

At the meeting, we agreed on a command line switch for mono.exe,
which is probably the simplest for me to use and seems like the
most portable solution. Do I need to do anything to get this 
moving? If it's not available when I release, I'll probably
go with the dual exe approach.

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> Regards,
> Mirco 'meebey' Bauer
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