[Mono-dev] Moma early results.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Nov 27 18:53:55 EST 2006

Hey folks,

    I have posted the 102 results that have been submitted so far from
running Moma on people's binaries.

    The results have been cleaned up a little bit, I removed a few
methods that were implemented and methods that had bogus MonoTODO
entries, which were removed in the last couple of weeks since the
original databases for Moma were created.

    The results are available here:


    It is worth noticing that in some cases, an API in the documentation
is flagged as existing in "1.1" and "2.0", while the actual method was
introduced in 2.0.

    This happens because in 1.1 you could still call the method, and the
call would be satisfied by calling into the parent class of a method.

    For example Exception.GetType() is a method that calls into
base.GetType(), it is flagged in the documentation as "available" in
1.1, but it did not actually exist back then.

    So to implement methods like this, the #if NET_2_0 must be used;
The same happens extensively in Windows.Forms, when they had to override
a few methods to catch some values (is my guess), they are documented as
being in 1.1, but they were not.  

    It is important thus to check the results of corcompare, see:





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