[Mono-dev] ASP.NET 2.0 performance discussion.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Nov 23 13:08:23 EST 2006


> True, but we also need to suport ~/App_Browsers, and that requires us
> to implement the support for the .browser format anyway. But I agree
> that using whatever we have today internally is perfectly fine
> (especially with resources like
> http://browsers.garykeith.com/downloads.asp where the files are kept
> fairly up to date).

I agree, but considering that:

	* It would be slow and more bloated.
	* That a simpler solution exists.
	* That there are bigger fish to fry than adding support for
	  corner case browsers that are not captured by our file.

I would suggest that this is of a very very very tiny priority.   And
even if we were to implement this, I would turn it off by default, so it
would effectively not be used.

> True. I've just thought about yet another optimization. What if we
> shipped a file (for internal use only) that contained full collection of
> UAs paired with their hash and the serialized browser caps objects? We
> could then load the file to prime the UA cache I talked about and use
> hash values to look for matches. Any new UAs, not found in our cache,
> would of course be treated the "long way" first. What do you think?

Am not sure how you could have hashes considering that its a trivial
regular expression.

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