[Mono-dev] MonoTODO attribute usage policy.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Nov 14 16:34:13 EST 2006


    MonoTODO attributes have been used in the past for two purposes: to
warn us about things that must be reviewed (this shows up on the class
status pages) and for comments that a developer would use.

    Since the Mono Meeting, we discussed using MonoTODOs instead as a
mechanism to provide a textual description that would assist a developer
that might use the API.  So the description should now be only to be
consumed by a user of the API (this is what we actually had documented
in the Wiki).

    This means that implementation notes like "We should improve X or
Y", do not belong in MonoTODO attributes.  Use "FIXME" strings on the
code, or if the issue is one worth following up with, then file a bug in

    I have updated the 




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