[Mono-dev] Mono Daily Downloads

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Mon Nov 13 09:10:52 EST 2006

Guys, I don't think we are interested in which compression format
is most efficient for compression. Only popular, *really* popular
ones such as tar.gz, tar.bz2 or zip would be the choice(s).

(What I practically mean is, it is being so off-topic.)

Atsushi Eno

Angel Marin wrote:
> Michael Schurter escribió:
>> Steve Deobald wrote:
>>> It's also Windows-only and uses a proprietary RAR plugin, as far as I know.
>> 7-zip is very much cross-platform compatible.  NSIS uses it (and it 
>> works in Linux), and Debian even has packages for it in Etch.
> Well that's p7zip[1] not 7-zip :)
>> 7z, as well as a number of other open source tools, can decompress RAR 
>> archives.  I believe there are patents or some such nonsense preventing 
>> open source RAR implementations.
> 7z has it's own 7z format [2] which is open and performs much better 
> than zip (today's mono-1.2.20061113.zip is 31MB while with 7z default 
> options it's only 13MB).
> Though it's not probably the best format (neither is rar) for this task 
> as p7zip may not be widespread enough.
> [1] - http://p7zip.sourceforge.net/
> [2] - http://7-zip.org/7z.html
> Regards,

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