[Mono-dev] Mono/Linux and MbUnit, NMock, NCover, VSTS

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Thu Nov 9 03:16:09 EST 2006

torsdag 09 november 2006 08:53 skrev Leszek Ciesielski:

> NUnit and NMock run fine, although you'd probably want to patch NMock
> a bit to provide more verbose error messages (failed asserts are
> sometimes a little hell to pin down). And they are used inside mono
> project for testing purposes.

OK - are patches for NMock somewhere I can reach them? 

> And I've never seen any 'rage' about MbUnit. In fact, this is the
> first time I've heard about it ;]

Hmm. This may be my bad. Did I mean to write "rave"? (English is not a native 
language of mine).

Anyway, it seemed to me, that MbUnit was gaining support, e.g. along lines 
like this:


> Team System is VS - specific. It _might_ work on mono, if it's 100%
> managed code, but I would not count on it.

No, as I wrote, I was sceptical. I am trying to resolve this question - 
getting a yes/no answer. Unfortunately, trying to locate hard information on 
MS's pages has been nearly impossible for me, which is why I was hoping the 
Mono community might be able to answer.

Still hoping, and thanks,


Med venlig hilsen/Regards

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