[Mono-dev] MIPS port initial drop

Mark E Mason mark.e.mason at broadcom.com
Wed Nov 8 10:38:45 EST 2006

[ahem - the following email and attachments are submitted under the
MIT/X11 license.  Sorry for the duplicate post. - Mark]
Hello all,

The attached tarball contains the patches and new files necessary for
the initial port of Mono/JIT to MIPS.  There's a good chance I left
something out of the tarball - if so, please let me know.

There's still a lot to do, and yes, I'm still working on it.  Many
thanks to Paolo and Massi for their ongoing assistance.

At this point, big-endian o32 is supported, although it's nice to
contemplate adding the other combinations once the initial port is fully
up and running.

Oh, and my company's lawyers are all ok with submitting these changes
back as per the Mono project terms, so:

Signed-off-by: Mark Mason <mason at broadcom.com>

Thanks again,
Mark Mason

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