[Mono-dev] C/C++ runtime library for C++/CLI in Mono?

ShadowFlare blakflare at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 20:06:22 EST 2006

I've been looking for a C/C++ runtime library for C++/CLI apps compiled with
the /clr:pure option in MSVS2005 or similar options in other compilers, but
such a thing doesn't appear to exist.  While there is a CRT library for that
which comes with MSVS2005, there is not one there can be statically linked
to the program.  Even if there was one such as that included with MSVS2005,
it wouldn't be satisfactory, as far as using it with Mono, since it would
probably use some parts of the Windows API with P/Invoke.

Anyway, so first I'll ask this question:  Does a project already exist for a
C/C++ runtime library which does not use native code or P/Invoke?  I've
already sort of started one and because of that I know it is entirely
possible for most or all of the functions.  Now the second question; if such
a project doesn't already exist, would anyone want to start such a project,
possibly with me?

I think having an ANSI-compliant C/C++ library for C or C++ apps compiled
for .NET or Mono would be useful, since it would make code work on this
platform that previously wouldn't because of the lack of those libraries,
and still work on Mono since they wouldn't be dependant on MS' CRT library.
While apps compiled with such a library could probably never be compiled
with /clr:safe in MSVS2005, they would at least benefit by being more
cross-platform, instead of Windows-specific.

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