[Mono-dev] Assembly.GetEntryAssembly() returns null

Michał Ziemski rook at roo.k.pl
Tue Nov 7 15:13:25 EST 2006


The code I posted originally in the bug report might have been a little 
I did an additional comment with more appropriate code later.

I wasn't realy sure where the real bug belonged 
System.Reflection.Assembly or System.Runtime.WaitHandle.
There seems to ba a patch posted for that already (great job guys!!) for 
so I assume the problem was there.

But IMHNRBOAIKO (in my humble, not really based on any indepth 
knwoledge, opinion)
Assembly.GetEntryAssembly shouldn't be null inside an assembly loaded by 
MS Docs state that this could be null if loaded from an unmanaged code 
and mod-mono-server2 doesn't count as such.

The thread I followed up was in fact about a different bug.
I've relied too much on the title. Sorry for confusing that and thank 
you for pointing it out.

Michał Ziemski
Atsushi Eno napisał(a):
> Hi,
> If WaitHandle.WaitAll itself or its internal expects that the entry
> assembly must not be null, then it is likely a bug. However, to my 
> understanding your bug #79859 expects its existence at *your* code.
> So, it is your code which is buggy since it should consider null
> entry assembly.
> Also notice that this thread is basically about different bug (it
> is rather about ConfigurationManager, which should not always expect 
> entry assembly existence).
> Atsushi Eno

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