[Mono-dev] VBNC uses too much CPU and RAM on Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Nov 1 00:19:51 EST 2006


> Sorry if I don't understand what you need but I have no experience in 
> profiling Mono.
> What is the sample program that you need? Sorry but I really didn't 
> understand what exactly you need.

The profiler today only runs when the program exists successfully, so we
need a shorter test case, something that will not take one hour to
build, but something that will take, say, a minute to build.

Once we have something that takes a minute to build (or even 10 seconds
instead of instantaneous builds) we can start looking where the memory

My take is that probably building a chunk of the VB runtime is probably
good enough for this.


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