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Andrew Skiba andrews at mainsoft.com
Sun May 28 10:59:56 EDT 2006


In the attached patch you can find System.Web Makefile and
System.Web_test.dll.sources that adds the following components to the
System.Web Nunit test suite:
*	An HTML Compare package (under mainsoft/MainsoftWebTest) that
performs an advanced HTML comparing, by transferring HTML into XML and
compares the XML. (An "ignore" tags/ attributes mechanism is also
*	A testing framework package (under mainsoft/NunitWeb/NunitWeb)
that provides Web Hosting capabilities required for several tests (e.g.
Rendering tests of several controls, Master Page test, Themes and Skins
test). All tests using this framework are marked with the NUnitWeb
category. To make it easy to run this category alone, I added
run-nunitweb and run-nunitweb-ondotnet targets to the Makefile.
*	Four new test fixtures: MenuTest, SiteMapPathTest,
MasterPageTest and ThemeTest. They use the new frameworks.

The total number of new testcases that use NunitWeb is 20. They all pass
when run with make run-nunitweb-ondotnet. On Mono, there are 10 failures
(marked with NotWorking). I attach the TestResults file from running
with make run-nunitweb.

I urge you guys to try and apply this patch, to ensure it does not break
builds on unusual platforms.
If no one objects for a few days, I'll commit.

Andrew, Yoni and Tal.


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