[Mono-dev] SVN heads up: inline optimizations.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri May 26 18:35:07 EDT 2006


    The Mono runtime on SVN trunk has a new set of optimizations enabled
by default, these include the inliner.   We have ran every test we can
get our hands on and these new optimizations are known to work.

    But a few people are having problems with these optimizations on
x86-64 and we have not been able to reproduce these problems on any
other setup.  So we are turning these optimizations on hoping to find a
simpler test case (the current problems happen with MonoDevelop from
SVN, but we are unable to reproduce these problems).

    If you run into a mysterious problem and you are using SVN trunk,
try passing mono -O=-inline, if that makes the bug go away, please
contact us to isolate the bug.


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